Our Process – Building Bridges, Not Barriers

Client Briefing:

Our first conversation begins with your goals. We start each project with an in-person meeting or phone call. Together, we assess your needs, ideas and desired outcomes.

Project Action Plan:

From those ideas, we create an action plan and map out the most efficient, effective project to meet the objectives. This helps to guide us along, maintain focus and define the project’s creative and technical requirements.


When we have an agreed action plan, we research your business, and its niche, to create a project that not only hits the right notes in that community but also stands out. We aim to create a clean, objective-clear site to reach your desired audience.

Design & Development:

After we review, and are agreed on the project, we begin the design and development. We can offer all design, graphic and content writing needs for the site. We review the test site to make sure all bugs and kinks are worked out – every link, every word and every graphic. Once we feel the site meets all objectives, and flows well for viewers, we post it live to the Internet.